Thursday, October 7, 2021

Isandlwana - Not Limited by the Counter Mix


Peter Dennis' Zulu War Paperboys

An Inventory...

Unlike many wargames, I am not "limited by the counter mix"! How can I when, if I need more, I can just print them? :-)

I decided to do an inventory.

Shown are approximately 1800 Zulus and an uncounted number of Imperial Forces. At 1:10 ratio that is more Zulus than I actually need as not all were engaged, and there won't be room for the entire right horn anyway. What is more important, however, is the proper proportion of shield colours. I'm still trying to sort that out. The colours are: Black, Black and White, White, Red, Red and White. Some regiments, like umCijo, need to be all black, but others can have a mix, or so I gather from my research. 

Regarding the British, my intent was to provide different bases for different formations and "States". So, extended order vs close order, etc. The "States" would be come into play when a section is broken up by contact with the Zulus, and are intended to show ever greater fragmentation and disorder. So, basically I need multiple bases for each company to show all of that. For the cavalry there are mounted and dismounted versions (including horse holders.)

Also, terrain building continues: amaTutshane.

Transformed from paper mache "hat", to "pudding" - as one friend dubbed it - to almost finished kopje.


with Burnt Umber undercoat

Drybrushed with Raw Sienna

Awaiting flocking...

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