Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More progress on the galleys...

Just a small update: today I learned that 1) Andrew has received the Galleys and War Canoes I sent him and will be fitting them into his schedule, and 2) Jeff has mailed out additional copies to go to sculptors to have crews done.

Friday, August 17, 2012


So the galley and war canoe are on their way to the UK to be customized.

I've asked for additional copies to send to a sculptor to get the crews started on.

Also, currently looking into the possibility of doing other variants some time down the road. In particular: Dong Son (bronze age Vietnamese, essentially)

Of course, we need to translate this into some concept art first!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

War Galleys and Canoes...some progress!

Khmer War Galley (top) and Canoe (bottom) - cast by JTFM

Jeff Trnka of JTFM sent me these pictures today of the Khmer War Galley and War Canoe models. He has cut the prow and stern off about five of the plain versions. The bits will be sent to Andrew May in the UK for him to add some funky Khmer detailing similar to the examples below:

The idea is that the prows, body and stern will all be interchangeable to allow for maximum customization. Once that is done, I'll start thinking about crews. These are intended for the Garden of Kama setting so there will be Kamjola (Khmer), Champakou (Cham) and the Amazon nations of Ologog and Aoa.

The galleys were sculpted by Tony Harwood. The galley is about 12" long, and the canoe about 8".

Oh, yeah, almost forgot - the Mara are going off for molding and casting tomorrow. :-)