Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hyborian Wars!

Hyborian Wars Map, by RSI

This map is from a PBEM game run by Reality Simulations Inc (RSI). I'm not certain if they are still running games, but I found it Here via this site.

Even if they are not still running, the map is of interest as is the zipped "Set up" file for all the 36 "Player Kingdoms". This lists the starting forces and characters, along with their abilities and the composition of  the starting armies. The troop ratings are very generic - ie. Missile ability: POOR, Melee ability: EXCELLENT, Morale: ADEQUATE, etc. The cost to maintain the troops is given in similar fashion with Amazonian Javelin troops having LOW maintenance costs whereas those of the Black Dragons are VERY HIGH.

It is of interest to me for several reasons:

1) I have always enjoyed and admired Tony Bath's Hyboria Campaign as chronicled in "Battle" and later "Military Modelling". I have his book "How to Run a Wargames Campaign" but have never yet run a Hyborian campaign myself.

2) The map could be used for a "Barbarians of Lemuria" campaign.

3) The map has far eastern nations and so the "Garden of Kama" setting might be introduced into the game.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Look Wot I Found....

Found these in the mall yesterday.

I will have to build some sort of howdah, or maybe a throne to go on top of that walking gargoyle contraption/statue.

The skull will be a perfect centerpiece for an evil temple.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Garden of Kama Interpreted...

Way back in February of this year I did a rough outline of the Garden of Kama - I mean, really rough!

Here are those same nations again with the Fortune Deck applied. I rolled 3d6, the first two to determine the card and the third to determine whether it was "reversed" or not. I rolled each heading in order and took the rolls I got - no Fudging! I haven't filled in the interpretations yet but I see some interesting possibilities. 


Past                 4-2-3   Nature – Life Energy
Present           1-5-5   The Defender(R) – Peril
Future             5-1-5   The Satyr(R) – Moderation
Virtue              6-2-3   Trickery – Deceit
Fault                5-6-2   Striking the Dragon’s Tail – Underestimating the Challenge
Fate                 4-5-2   The Phoenix – Rebirth

Interpretation: ???


Past                 2-2-1   The Eagle – The Mind Prevails
Present           5-2-5   The Smith(R) – Evil Effort
Future             1-3-2   The Creator – Nurture
Virtue              3-2-1   The Hermit - Wisdom
Fault                2-3-4   Fearing Shadows(R) – Recognizing Safety
Fate                 6-2-1   Trickery – Deceit

Interpretation: ???


Past                 2-3-6   Fearing Shadows(R) – Recognizing Safety
Present           4-6-6   The Priestess(R) – Impracticality
Future             2-2-4   The Eagle(R) – Thoughtlessness
Virtue             4-4-6   The Peasant(R) – Lack of Vision
Fault                2-1-6   Drowning in Armour(R) – True Prudence
Fate                 5-2-1   The Smith – Productivity

Interpretation: ???


Past                 3-6-5   Law(R) – Treachery
Present           4-5-4   The Phoenix(R) – Destruction
Future             2-6-4   The Fool(R) – Lack of Connection
Virtue              1-6-5   The Dragon(R) – Blind Fury
Fault                4-5-3   The Phoenix – Rebirth
Fate                 4-5-4   The Phoenix(R) – Destruction

Interpretation: ???


Past                 3-3-5   Inspiration(R) – Lack of Imagination
Present           4-5-1   The Phoenix – Rebirth
Future             2-1-4   Drowning in Armour(R) – True Prudence
Virtue              4-5-3   The Phoenix – Rebirth
Fault                6-6-1   Summer – Energy
Fate                 3-5-1   Knowledge – Truth

Interpretation: ???

Easterlings (Panam)

Past                 5-3-6   The Soldier(R) – Blind Obedience
Present           6-5-1   Winter – Maturity
Future             4-5-1   The Phoenix – Rebirth
Virtue             1-2-5   The Cockatrice(R) – Recovery
Fault                2-3-3   Fearing Shadows(R) – Recognizing Safety
Fate                 1-5-3   The Defender – Safety

Interpretation: ???

Koreans (Jong Yu)

Past                 2-3-5   Fearing Shadows(R) – Recognizing Safety
Present           6-1-4   Summer(R) – Exhaustion
Future             5-4-5   Sowing Stones(R) – Ceasing Fruitless Labour
Virtue             2-4-3   Fertility – Growth
Fault                5-2-2   The Smith – Productivity
Fate                 5-1-6   The Satyr(R) – Moderation

Interpretation: ???


Past                 3-2-5   The Hermit(R) – Isolation
Present           4-3-4   Overlooking the Diamond(R) – Recognizing Opportunity
Future             2-2-2   The Eagle – The Mind Prevails
Virtue              6-6-2   The Usurper – At War
Fault                1-4-1   Death – Change
Fate                 4-5-5   The Phoenix(R) – Destruction

Interpretation: ???

Also, I've just noticed that I left one nation out...have to correct that tomorrow!