Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Quest of Thane Tostig

My Collection (90% of it anyway)

I have been interested by "The Quest of Thane Tostig" for a long while, ever since reading an article about it in "Battle" magazine. You can read the article here, on David Wood's blog Dear Tony Blair. The date: 1977 - Wow, that was a while ago!

I managed to actually find a copy of the Quest a year or so ago. About the same time I won these in a series of lots on ebay. I don't know if the packaging is entirely original. The card looks the part, with a heavy plastic bag and green foam insert. The packs were grouped into units: for the Sprites, a standard, horn-blower and 6-8 warriors; and all the Heroes were in a single bag. Repackaged, I suspect by the seller (possibly a hobby shop).

This is not my complete collection. I have Hangbeffor and at least one earwig; King Debobmik on his throne; I think also some of the misc Sprites - the torturers, etc.; also some odd warriors picked up over the years. These are all scattered about in various nooks and crannies. I need to dig them out and consolidate everything and then I'd actually like to run the Quest. Perhaps with updated rules...or maybe run it twice: once "old school" and then with my own rules.

Other Miniatures from Minot

In the same set of auctions as I won the Thane Tostig figures were these, sold as a single lot. Looking at them I can see that they are all (I think) inspired by various Frank Frazetta paintings. I found these examples in a quick search just now: