The Garden of Kama

The Garden of Kama

The Garden of Kama is my range of fantasy SE-Asian/Indian subjects. The inspiration came from two images: the painting shown above and the one that follows.

A search of my blog posts tagged "Garden of Kama" may provide a more in depth explanation.

This page is intended to act in the manner of a bazaar to display what products are available, or soon to be available, in the Garden of Kama range. Note that Tékumel Club discounts apply to items in the bazaar.

The Mara

Sculpted by Andrew May
Painted by Roy Duffy

Mara heads and hands

Mara bodies, front and back

Mara weapons sprues

Mara (6)  ......... $30.00

The Daughters of Mara

Sculpted by Andrew May

The Daughters of Mara still need to be molded. The poses and the material used for sculpting have dictated caution. The material is a polymer clay that cannot be vulcanized and the poses are such that they might not fair well in a rubber mold anyway. The solution is resin masters and then possibly a metal mold afterwards.

Generic Fantasy Shields

Sculpted by Federico Genovese

Tek-Shield-1  "Laughing Man"
Tek-Shield-2  "Princess Guard"
Tek-Shield-3  "Ogre"
Tek-Shield-4  "Boar's Head"
Tek-Shield-5  "Mother's Guard"
Tek-Shield-6  "Merchant"
Tek-Shield-7  "Serpent Guard (small)"
Tek-Shield-8  "Serpent Guard (large)"
Tek-Shield-9  "Skull Shield"
Tek-Shield-10  "Shouting Goddess"
Tek-Shield-11  "Maiden Guard"
Tek-Shield-12  "Horse Eater"
Tek-Shield-13  "Demon"
Tek-Shield-14  "Succubus 1"
Tek-Shield-15  "Succubus 2"
Tek-Shield-16  "Bat"

Priced at: $1 each.

Khmer Amazons

The Khmer Amazons, painted by Shadowking, 
and shown with an assortment of his other figures 
and terrain.

Available now, a re-stock just having arrived (19/06/28).

The figures have tabs but do not come with bases. Nor do I have proper Khmer shields for these yet. If you want I can send some of our fantasy shields with them.

Male Khmer are to follow, along with Cham to fight against. There will also be variants made to fit the two Amazon factions I have created: Aoa and Ologog. 

>>>19/06/28 update: the first male Khmer and Cham have been commissioned.

Khmer Amazons (10) .......$40

Khmer War Galleys and Canoes

12" War Galley

8" War Canoe

Rowing seats and decking for the galley. 
Room for 10 oarsmen as side!

The galleys and canoes are not yet available. The prows, bodies and stern posts are still being sculpted and similarly, the crews need to be done. The intent is to do Khmer, Cham and Amazon variants.

I will also be using these models as the basis of a series of smaller patrol boats for Tékumel.

Giant Wasps

Available now, but without flying stand or riders.

Giant Wasp (each) ..........$12.00

Riders are planned...


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  2. Hi there, how do I purchase a giant wasp?

  3. Hi I love the Mara, Wasp, and Amazon figures. Is there a link where I can purchase them? Directly from you? elsewhere? Thx


  4. Email me direct to purchase: green27 AT sympatico DOT ca

  5. How are the boats progressing, please make the useable space as suitable for 30mm and 40mm rounds

  6. Well, the boats have been scanned and in this basic form can be printed to order. With 3d printing one could adjust them up or down in size by making the print 110%, or 90% of the original. To be correct however, they need Makara heads in the prow (hull), Naga-head stem posts and Naga-tail stern post. Need a sculptor to do that. Need $$$ to get a sculptor. *sigh*.