Saturday, December 31, 2011

Projects for 2012...

At the right I have listed my proposed projects for 2012. This is pretty ambitious for me, as I am notorious for not being able to finish anything! But, inspired by the ever industrious Matakishi, this year I am making a special effort.

These projects are, in no particular order:

The Garden of Kama
Inspired by the painting shown, this is a range of exotic 28mm fantasy figures I hope to have commissioned. The theme is the exotic East; a sort of India long before the Raj, but also including regions farther east than that...

Sporewood is a fungus forest located in Dagori Inkarth, also known as the Shadows Dance. This is a Troll realm in Glorantha. Home to both Trolls and Voralan - or Black Elves; that is, Mushroom Men!

Violence is Always an Option!
That is Orlanth's First Law! Orlanth is the Heortling Storm God and King of the Gods (in their Pantheon.) This is another Gloranthan themed project, building a warband in 28mm to depict the muster of the Colymar tribe for the Hero Wars. I've already ordered the bulk of the figures...

Put the Kettle On!
I have slowly been putting together factions for a Very British Civil War. This year I would like to finally get them on the table! The intent is to battle it out over Barsetshire...

Vive Le Empereur!
Perry Miniatures and Victrix have been banging out some very nice 28mm plastic Napoleonics. A lot of my friends are putting together Waterloo armies. I already have some of the boxes of figures, I just haven't decided on historical colours or to go all black and green for the"Army of Sinistra"...

Retro Sci/fi
A late addition (I almost forgot!):
I picked up some of Hydra Miniatures Valkeeri figures at Fall In and I am going to try and put together a War Host or raiding party for our Retro Sci/fi games (using Fantastic Worlds, by Rattrap Productions.) I can finish off my Galacteer squads at the same time, along with my Blue Moon aliens...

Welcome to Lohwand!

I've decided I need a blog to separate my non-Tékumel gaming from my purely Tékumel related stuff.

The name of this blog is a name I have often used as a fictional country or World name. It is an anagram of "Howland" which, of course, derives from my first name.

Anyway, I have wargaming and role-playing interests outside of Tékumel and this is where I will put them. For example, Glorantha is my other great interest in fantasy gaming. I also have an interest in the Hari Ragat setting, and that looks like it just got a big boost via Cubicle 7's involvement.