Sunday, November 15, 2020

Lohwand: The Merchant Princes of Umbar


Umbar (in blue)

Umbar is my proxy nation for Carthage and my geography roughly parallels the historic situation, though I have changed it a little. I don't have a "Sardinia", for example. And I've given Umbar more territories on the eastern borders of Tharkalla, which is my proxy Rome. 

My "Romans" are Early Imperial, with a dash of Late Imperial mixed in, so there is that difference as well. And I've got fantasy elements as well. More than Tony Bath had in his Hyboria campaign but things have move on from then a bit. :-)

Shem and Zingara are my Iberian proxies, Cirith Ungol is becoming a bit like Sicily, but is not under Tharkallan ("Roman") control. The Isles of the Green Gables are my Balearic Isles, sort of - they exist because a friend was mocking my wholesale stealing of names from a wide swathe of fantasy books and made some comment to the effect I was missing "Anne of the Green Gables", so I put them in!

The Tharkallan cities with the blue borders to the symbol are former Umbar possessions, just to give them a reason to fight. As if one were needed in a wargames campaign...!

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