Sunday, January 5, 2020

Wako part of Tekumel Club sale - 40% off until Jan 19th!

I have limited supplies of Wako on hand. ex-Forlorn Hope, ex-Cavalcade miniatures.

I am selling them @ $40 per 10 - a standard "Horde" pack per my Tekumel Club range.

The Tekumel Club discount applies and currently I am running a sale...see my posts elsewhere on this forum.

The range consists of 4 or 5 armoured Wako, well partial armour, really: some swordsmen, a spearman and an archer. These are, I think, intended as "command", or at least, senior warriors.

Then there are several poses of spearmen, swordsmen w. katana and archers with that distinctive Japanese style of bow. These latter are my favourite, esp. the guys drawing back the bow in classic fashion!

There are IIRC one or possibly two other armoured poses that for some reason I failed to get a picture of.

Email me if interested at green27 -at- sympatico -dot- ca

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