Saturday, August 10, 2019

Armour of the Trigan Empire

Solido Patton tank. 
I've already ditched the decals.

WW1 German fighter "lozenge" camouflage.

WW2 German Waffen SS "Pea" camouflage.

My Trigan army forces are being done with a Germanic look, using early WW2 German uniforms, so as to have the boots. But for armour I managed to find a Solido/Verem 1:50 scale Patton tank. It is not from one of their special anniversary collections and so is a plain dark green colour.

Now the debate is whether I should try and paint it in camo or leave it plain. The options are:

1) plain green - as is - just add some sort of insignia. (I've already rubbed the original decals off with my thumb.)

2) camo inspired by WW1 German fighter camoflage. I particularly like the lozenge patterns and the colours used.

3) camo based on German WW2 Waffen SS "pea" patterns, like the one shown above. Again, I like the colours, but it might be too complex. And it also looks a bit too much like it would work, and the Trigan stories were a bit more fantastical than that.

4) the last option I am considering is something based on WW1 Naval "Dazzle" camouflage. It would likely use colours based on either of the others shown above.

What I might do, if I paint it at all, is a combination of dazzle, lozenge and the "pea" pattern. Hmm...