Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Best Kept Secrets: Red Box Games' "Warbands of Wrath and Ruin"

(A more modest version is also being made)

All sculpted by Tre Manor

The "Warbands of Wrath and Ruin" kickstarter by Red Box Games is chugging along. I gather the greens are almost ready to go for moulding and casting. Yay! :-)

I like that these figures are a lot lest "medieval" than Red Box's usual fare. This means I can use them for Hyboria games or for Mars, or for Tekumel. I would prefer them to be more wiry and less muscular, but one can't have everything. 

Hopefully they will be popular enough to encourage Tre to expand the range. Note that the priestess figure will be done in a more modest version. And IIRC that version will be the one available for sale, the other being KS only. I could be wrong about that, however. I look forward to receiving my KS rewards, and afterwards, finding them in the Red Box online store.

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