Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Chosen: Scion of the Gods

WIP sculpt of a "Lesser Chosen", with inhuman head option.

Tre Manor's Warbands of Wrath and Ruin is chugging along slowly but surely. Only eight more days to go. I'm engaging in a bit of nail biting as I was obliged to cancel my cc on account of me not being able to locate it. It usually resides in my wallet and I only use it online so it only comes out to make a payment or if I want to check the balance. So, somehow, I managed to take it out and then somehow failed to replace it. It's probably "down behind the radiator" or similar but regardless I had to cancel it. So now I am waiting and hoping that the replacement will arrive in time to back this. Truly what I think is called a "First World Problem". A little sad actually. But never mind all that; you all can still back this KS! :-)

To quote from the KS description:

The Chosen are the scions of the Gods. Born from any strata of denizen in the realms these few are half mortal and half God, able to draw upon the ethereal energies of the cosmos to fuel superhuman feats of strength, speed, skill or to perform miraculous manipulations of the world around them. They can be man or woman marked by the touch of divinity with strange colored skin, hair, eyes, super human, or inhuman build or feature.

The figure above is a "lesser" Chosen, so presumably the intent is to make the full Chosen even more formidable. I like the idea of having the inhuman head option.

Tre has also posted concept art on Facebook for a saurian Companion, and an alternate Priestess sculpt.

 Priestess (Modest version available)

Saurian Companion

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