Sunday, April 20, 2014

N is for Night Ops

Wot I'm backing this month!

What the heck, I know today isn't supposed to be "N" - at least I suspect not - but this year I am so messed up with "Blogging A-to-Z" thing anyway. So - what the heck, eh? Sick the Alphabet Cops and Grammar Nazis on me! :-P

But, back to the point. I just backed a cool new Kickstarter by the fine folks at "Open Fire Figures". It is for some pretty sharp looking sci/fi figures, "Night OPs" Adam calls them. I guess b/c they have night vision helmets though to me they are just "cool sci/fi helmets." :-)

Check it out here: Night OPs

They remind me a bit of the cops in the Fifth Element - not same helmets, but all bulked up with armour and equipment. They will make a fine faction for my retro-sci/fi games. Mining Company guards, maybe, on Criticorium? Or Guild Mercenaries on one of the smaller worlds...

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