Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pendragon 5th Edition Bundle... now on it's LAST DAY at the "Bundle of Holding" site.


What is it?

Bundle of Holding offers monthly theme download of role-playing or similar products. A portion of the profit goes to charities.

This last moth has been the Pendragon RPG . You can get PDF's of the basic system for about $10 but if you spend over $22US you can get a whole slew of extra supplements, some of which are not generally available. And you get the PDF of the Great Pendragon Campaign which basically lays out the whole Arthurian Saga - perfect as either RPG campaign or possibly even wargaming...

I have the hard copy of the campaign but I couldn't miss getting the PDF. And besides, while I have almost every edition of the game (yes, it is that good!) I hadn't yet bought the 5th edition so that is settled now as well.

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