Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Galley Seating...

...is better than coach! Well, maybe not so much. :-)

Anyhow, I made a tiny bit of progress today, finishing the benches and gangway for the Khmer galleys. There will be ten oarsmen down each side. This will be molded and cast in resin and included with each galley. The figures will be sculpted sitting, cut-off just below the knees.

There are meant to be wicker screens that provide some small bit of protection (see my previous blog entry) but I haven't figured out exactly how to make those yet. Per the last entry I have some strips of styrene that I hope to weave together to make the wickerwork. It seems likely to be very fiddly and I'm still working out how exactly to approach it. When they are done - if I can do it - they will also be cast in resin by JTFM. They will be very fine, but JTFM specializes in super-fine detail! :-)

Here is one last picture, showing one of our Swamp Folk standing on the gangway...

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