Monday, March 5, 2012

Khmer Galleys...

Khmer and Cham Galleys

And Again...

WIP pics of a basic galley, by Tony Harwood

Inspired by the drawings of the Khmer navies in The Armies of Angkor, I've commissioned Tony to make some models for the Garden of Kama setting. The intent is that the prow and stern pieces should be modular in order that a variety of designs can be used. The carved prows typically feature Naga, Makara and Garuda head designs. The galleys are going to be about 300 mm long by 46 mm wide. The figurehead is going to be slightly taller than they probably were historically, but that is OK as the Garden in primarily a fantasy setting anyway.

In addition to the galleys I am planning on getting some slightly smaller war canoes made as well.

It should be noted that while the artists impressions shown above are great for action, their depiction of the vessels is a little off. For one thing, they are too high out of the water - especially in the first painting - and they are not quite wide enough either. The galleys were apparently carved from a single log but then the sides were spread wide apart. A row of oarsmen with fairly short oars ran down each side; their only protection being a sort of wicker fence. The galleys were large enogh for warriors to stand in the prow and between the oarsmen. In the stern sat a single steersman.

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