Friday, March 29, 2013

Mara Ordered!

The Mara, sculpted by Andrew May

My news for today is that I've ordered 50 sets of the Mara, or Tibetan inspired demons. Sculpted by Andrew May, they will be sold in sets of six demons. They come with separate hands and heads to maximize the individuality of your warbands. Six different bodies with six different heads and over twelve different hands (I can't recall the exact number of hand/weapon variants done) is 432 combinations, at least, by my calculations. Each set will be $30.00 US with Tekumel Club discounts applying, even though these are not technically related to Tekumel.

If interested please email me at: green27 -AT- sympatico - DOT- ca

Postage is a fixed rate: Canada $5.00; USA $10.00 and International $15.00.

I hope you like them!

In the line-up are their beautiful but deadly sisters: the Daughters of Mara, also sculpted by Andrew.

Best Regards,

Howard Fielding

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