Friday, March 18, 2016

More Krackatoans!

Giant Crab, by Andy Pieper

Sea Hag

Dragon Bait Krackatoans, by David Soderquist

All the above pics are from the Indiegogo campaign pages.

I've been thinking about that Dragon Rampant Warband. I think the Sea Hag is the leader, and, along with the Trumpeter and Champion will form a reduced size unit of Elite Foot (6 pts), perhaps with venomous weapons (+3 pts). I think the Oracle of Doom will be the spell-caster (Heavy Foot @ 8 pts). The Giant Crabs fit the Greater Warbeast category (6 pts). Then there are the warbands. Belicose Foot, I think, at 4 points per warband. I might field a unit of Scouts (2 pts) using two of  the Marauders pack.

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