Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Galley Pic...

Finished Galley, by Tony Harwood

The finished basic galley with a figure for scale. This will be cast in resin before the bow and stern posts are cut in order to make the whole thing modular. The bits will then be sent to one of sculptors to get the various carvings done. In addition to the plain variants, the plan is for 2 different bow, stern and hull pieces. Some examples can be seen in previous posts: here and here.

The crew will consist of a steersman sitting on a chair in the stern, ten oarsmen down each side, a captain and some fighting crew. There will be Khmer, Cham and Amazon (Aoan and Ologogi) variants for the crew. Note that the oars will be relatively short compared to the longer oars found on the more familiar Greek galley.

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