Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Giant Wasp...

...with saddle but, sadly, no riders.

I obtained this from Mega Miniatures when they were selling their molds off a year or so ago. It was part of a small sci/fi range but whoever bought the range didn't want the wasp. They took the rider, but left the wasp molds with Johnny. So I grabbed them! :-)

The saddle is attached to the body, and the head has reins molded on. I am planning on getting so riders done. Pygmy sized humans. 

And I currently have no flight stands.

I have some castings on hand if anyone needs them. I am selling them for $12 each (and the usual Tekumel Club discounts apply.)


  1. Are these still for sale? Or if not, do you know where I could get one (preferably with rider)? And could you tell me who seeks the original rider and the rest of the original yagamuna range?


  2. Ahh...the rest of the range went to somebody else. He just didn't want to use the Wasp. So he has the rider. To order, send me an email (which I suspect you have) to green27 AT sympatico DOT ca.