Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Army of Sinistra - initial uniform colours...

Ah...the planning stages - often my favourite part. Of course, the execution holds much more rewards but often seems elusive. So it goes...

Anyway, undaunted, here are my initial thoughts on the Army of Sinistria, which nation being a little known principality in Western Germany.

The infantry consist of the Guard; the "Old Line" - that is, the regiments with long established histories; and the "New Line", regiments newly raised or of less "noble" lineage. And then there are regiments of "Light" infantry. All regiments have flank companies of grenadiers and lights. The whole organization is rather "French" - go figure: I'm using French figures to represent them! :-)

The "Old Line" will be in black with green small clothes and trousers, reversed for the drummers. Light troops all in green. Units of the "New Line" are in green jackets with white small clothes. The Guard are all black.

Edit: on consideration, I think that most of the "Old Line" will be black with green, but one unit will be green with black. The "New Line" will be some in all white and some in green with white - so basically "Army of Italy" - just to keep the more historically minded happy!

Haven't decided on turnbacks and cuffs yet.

Artillery are probably all black, or green with black.

Cavalry I haven't thought about. Probably all colours for the Hussars, green for the Dragoons and Black for the Cuirassiers.


  1. Napoleonic, indeed?
    Why not mid-18th C., the period par excellence of Imagi-Nations?
    Wargame Factory has cheap WSS types that can be used as such, or to give tricornes to 'plastics' intended for a slightly later period....

  2. Ahh, yes...I am beginning to get interested in SYW again - even pulled
    out the War of Estavian Succession Maps last week with a view to doing
    a better map. I am looking at Minden Miniatures, probably Hanovarians,
    to stand in for Sinistria in the SYW. I wouldn't buy Wargames Factory
    b/c I am a friend of Howard Whitehouse and I know how he and the
    others in that company were screwed over by that "Chinese Foreign

    But, in any case, I am not really liking plastic that much, even
    though it is supposed to be cheaper. I am finding the plastic
    Napoleonics a pain in the butt and am really only doing it b/c we have
    been playing lots of Napoleonic games recently.